GM application by Thor2011

in GM Applications Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:53 pm
by Restuna • 2 Posts

Name:Michael Weorley


In Game Name:Usually restuna

Rank Wanted:GM 1 or Head GM

Skills:I dont see myself that skilled at anything in particular, so im pretty much average.I beleive that as GMs we run this game along side you sir. So aint no punks gonna try to over run this game that I beleive you worked hard to create. I am not afraid to law down the ban Hammer if you know wat I mean.

BYOND Member: membership expired last month so.... no.

How long have I played the game:I've played DBZ Dark Apocalypse and Dragonball GT Mystic World

Did I put the game on my favorites?: Yeah and I'm on waiting list

*if it gets unbugged then what will the rank be?:still Head GM or GM 1

Have you been a GM on another game?:Yes

*if yes, list the games and what level:Naruto The Last Generation Of Online Adventures Taken By Legendary Shinobi
I beleive that game was made by Rynio_Uzumaki or Manny.

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